N. Undergraduate Programs: FEEP, Career Exploration, & Study Skills

The OSU Counselor Education Program oversees several undergraduate courses and programs.

FEEP (First Education Experience Program)
FEEP provides interested university students with ten weeks of intensive, on-site experience. Students spend three hours each day for four days each week, in the field with their cooperating school professional. One day each week they attend a seminar on campus. The seminar provides the students with up-to-date educational information as well as ample time to learn from their experiences in the field.

270.01 Career Planning for Undecided Students
This course is designed to introduce students to the world of potential careers and majors available at Ohio State. Students learn their own interests, values, and skills, and how these match to potential careers. Career interest inventories and personality preferences tests help with self-awareness. Guest speakers from around campus discuss possible majors, and students engage in activities to take them around campus to learn the possibilities.

270.02 Career Planning for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
This course is designed to assist students in later stages of their academic careers. Typically, 270.02 is taken by students who either did not get into their preferred major or by students who find themselves €œdone€? with their general education, with still no major to declare. The course is taught by Dr. Ana C. Berrios-Allison, LPC, Associate Director of Career Connections, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Counselor Education. Ana’s years of experience as a career counselor, and her history of teaching 270.02, make her an excellent professional resource for students

270.03: Study Skills for Underperforming Students
This course is designed to assist students with their efforts to identify and resolve the causes of low academic productivity. It is an examination of self in relation to educational goals as well as attitudinal and behavioral skills.