Highlights from 2010-2011

Program Highlights: 2010-11 ACADEMIC YEAR



Congratulations to the 2011 Graduating Class!

Click here for pictures of the Year-End Banquet

Congratulations to the 2010 Incoming M.A. Class
M.A. in Counselor Education


2010 Picnic Pictures

2011 All Ohio Counselor Conference Alumni Reception Pictures

2011 Clinic Opening Pictures

2011 Graduation Pictures


  • The End of the Year Banquet was Saturday, June 11 at 5:30 pm in the Grand Meeting Hall of the Ohio Union.
  • Interviews for the M.A. program for admission autumn quarter 2011 were held Saturday, February 19, 2011, by invitation.
Dr. Paul Granello in the new OSU CESP Clinic
  •  The OSU Counselor Education/School Psychology Clinic on the 4th floor of the PAES Building opened its doors on January 3, 2011. Curt Haywood, LPCC, is Clinic Director.
    The OPEN HOUSE for the clinic, sponsored by Pearson Publishing, was Friday, March 11, 2011. 3:00-5:00 pm.
    These are no more information sessions for autumn 2011 admission. Information sessions for applicants for the autumn 2012 cohort will be held in the autumn quarter. Please check back for dates (dates for these sessions will be posted in September, 2011).
  • APPLICATIONS for autumn 2012 admission into the graduate program in counselor education are due December 1, 2011.
  • Technology Information and Classesto learn about Carmen, Dreamweaver and other digital media are available for all students:
    The link to the main page is: http://digitalunion.osu.edu/index.php

Congratulations to Faculty who published books this year…

  • Dr. Colette Dollarhide  had the second edition of her textbook published in March, 2011.
  • Dollarhide, C. T., & Saginak, K. A. (2012). Comprehensive school counseling programs: K-12 delivery systems in action. (2nd. ed). Boston: Pearson


Dr. Darcy Haag Granello had her textbook for foundations of counseling published in March 2011.
Granello, D. H., & Young, M. E. (2012). Counseling today: Foundations of professional identity. Boston: Pearson

And, Congratulations to the 42 OSU students, alumni, and faculty who have their work featured in this book!

The following students, alumni, & faculty have Snapshots in the book (first person stories – and pictures!):
Marjorie Adams (M.A. ’07, Ph.D., ’10); Susie Bogg (M.A., ’02); Michelle Bruno (M.A. ’03, Ph.D., ’07); Sheng-Hsin Cheng (M.A. student); Nimarta “Nimo” Singh (M.A. ’10); Chieh Hsu (M.A. student); Todd Gibbs (M.A. student); Paul Granello (faculty); Patreece Hutcherson (M.A. ’02); Maureen Johnson (M.A. ’09); Felice Kassoy (Ph.D. student); Ursula Lau (M.A. student); Diego Lopez-Calleja (M.A. student); Bowen Marshall (M.A. student); Frank Palmer (M.A. ’02); Alexis “Lexie” Rae (M.A. ’07, Ph.D. student); Grant Schroeder (Ph.D. student); and Demetra Taylor (M.A. ’04, Ph.D student).

The following students, alumni, & faculty have quotes, stories, or other features in the text:
Caroline Baker (Ph.D. ’10); Erin Bruno (M.A. ’05); April Cunningham (M.A. ’09); Colette Dollarhide (faculty); Maria Elliott (M.A. ’08); Matt Fleming (M.A. ’07); Danielle Hayes (M.A. ’06); Dallas Jensen (M.A. ’02); Anne Lombardi (M.A. ’05); Barbara Mahaffey (Ph.D. ’09); Priscilla March (M.A. ’98); Andrew Moss (M.A. ’07); Amy Pfeiffer (M.A. ’06); Jenny Renfro (M.A. ’05); Lauren Schell (M.A. student); Andy Sears (M.A. ’08); Susan Sears (Ph.D. ’72, Faculty Emeritus); Bob Towner-Larsen (Ph.D. ’98); Natalie Turner (M.A. ’03); Jennifer Whitney (M.A. ’03; Ph.D. ’06); and Anita Young (Ph.D. ’04)

Congratulations and “Kudos” to:

  • Elizabeth Cannon (M.A. ’12) won first place at the PAES Poster Research Symposium, based on the work she presented at the American Association of Suicidology Conference in Portland Oregon in mid-April. Click here for a copy of the abstract.
  • Bowen Marshall (M.A. ’11) presented at the PAES Poster Research Symposium on his work with Open Doors, a new training program he developed through the OSU Multicultural Center.
  • Danielle Weatherholtz (M.A. ’11) won the OSU PAES GA Advisory Council Leadership Award for her work teaching EHE PAES 270.03.
  • The 2011-2012 Chi Sigma Iota Officers are: President Nora O’Donnell, Vice President Adam Clevenger, Social Chair Kate Walker, Treasurer Angela Stark, & Secretary Laura Brooker.
  • Dr. James L. Moore, III has been invited by the College Board as a special guest to mark the official release of a new report and research findings on the educational experiences of young men of color.
  • Tara Cavo (M.A. student) had a baby girl, Annabelle, on April 11. Click here for a picture of baby Annabelle
  • Bowen Marshall (M.A. student) and the Multicultural Center in the Office of Student Life are rolling out “Open Doors”, a campus wide diversity and welcoming initiative created to enhance equity and student wellness at OSU.
  • Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, names by SUNNY 95 (radio station) as one of 2011′s 20 Outstanding Women You Should Know, for her work with ROX (Ruling Our Experiences), a Women’s Fund organization to assist gisls in dealing with the social, personal, and academic issues of adolescence.
  • Dr. Lisa Hinkelman (Interprofessional Commission of Ohio) and Wendy Winger (OSU Campus Suicide Prevention Program Manager) were selected by the OSU Chapter of “Unplugging Society: A Women of Color Think Tank” as two of four recipients at their first annual awards reception. The award celebrates the contributions and achievements of empowering female role models at The Ohio State University who are an inspiration to women both at OSU and in the community. The award reception is Feb. 23.
  • Drs. Paul & Darcy (Haag) Granello had their research on suicide postvention featured in Medical News Today.
  • Dr. Lisa Hinkelman presented her research with nearly 3,000 girls grades 5-12 in “One Girl; Status of Girls in Central Ohio and Why You Should Care on Feb.16 at the Columbus Metropolitan Club. The program was moderated by Ann Fisher, “All Sides Considered,” WOSU Stations. 
  • Todd Gibbs (2nd year clinical counseling M.A. student) who has two presentations at the Big Ten Counseling Conference at the University of Minnesota, Feb 9-11, 2011. The presentations are: “Nuturing Vitality: Individual and Organizational Approaches to Wellness” and “The Role of Religiousity and Spirituality in Responding to Survivors of Suicide.”
  • Dr. Paul Granello for his work over the last several years on the 4th floor Counselor Education & School Psychology Clinic. The clinic opened its doors on January 3, 2011.
  • Dr. James L. Moore, III was invited by the Center for Law & Social Policy to present a keynote address, “Re-Imagining the landscape for Black men and boys” at the Pew Charitable Trust on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.
  • Stephanie Wright (2nd year school counseling M.A. student) who received a grant from the Ann Sherry Foundation for a program entitled “Addressing Unhealthy Perfectionism in Gifted Children.” The program addresses the issue of perfectionism in gifted elementary students and the impact it has on their academic, social and emotional successes.  Peer mentoring, bibliotherapy, as well as parent and teach education will be utilized as the key elements in this program. 
  • Amanda Mariucci (2nd year school counseling M.A. student) who received a grant from the Ann Sherry Foundation for two groups of Confident Collegians at Linden-McKinley STEM Academy. One group will include 9th and 10th graders to encourage their interest and motivation to attend college, and another group will include 11th graders to focus on applications to college, the financial aid process, and career exploration.
  • Dr. Darcy Haag Granello received the 2010 Charles “Chuck” Weaver Award for long and distinguished service to the counseling profession at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference in November. Click here for a picture.
  • Dr. James L. Moore, III received the 2010 W.E.B. DuBois Higher Education Award at the 38th Annual conference of the National Alliance of Black School Educators’ in Fort Worth, Texas in November. Dr. Moore also presented his work at a forum for policymakers sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation & Howard University.
  • Dr. Ana Berrios-Allison (M.A. ’96, PhD., ’00) received the 2010 Susan Sears Distinguished Alumni Award for the OSU Counselor Education program. A reception was held in her honor at 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 4, in the Lilac Room of the Hilton at Easton. All students, alumni, and friends were cordially invited to join us as we celebrate this accomplishment! Click here for a picture of Dr. Berrios-Allison and her former advisor, Dr. Paul Granello.
  • Michelle Hunnicutt-Hollenbaugh and Alexis Rae (PhD students) who both had presentations at the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision conference in Chicago, October 14-16, 2010. Here is a picture of Lexie presenting at NCACES
  • Bowen Marshall (M.A. student) was highlighted in the OSU Faculty newspaper, On Campus, for his work with promoting an environment at OSU that is free from hate and discrimination. We are so proud of his outstanding advocacy! Click here for the full story. 
  • Bowen Marshall (M.A. student) and Dr. Darcy Haag Granello were interviewed by Channel 10 TV on the day of the Suicide Prevention Walk. Click here to see the interview.  Dr. Paul Granello was also interviewed for an in-studio report on suicide prevention by 10TV News.
  • Dr. Darcy Haag Granello was awarded the rank of Full Professor by the OSU Board of Trustees, effective October 1, 2010.
  • Dr. James L. Moore, III was awarded the rank of Full Professor by the OSU Board of Trustees, effective October 1, 2010.
  • Dr. Darcy Haag Granello was featured in the cover story of the July 2010 issue of Counseling Today, the magazine of the American Counseling Association, for her work on suicide assessment and screening. See the full story.
  • Sarah Geiger (2nd year M.A. student) and her beautiful daughter, Alaina Kathleen Geiger – born July 15, 2010 (8lbs, 6oz).

Events and Projects for the 2010-2011 Academic Year

Completed Events & Projects

  • End of the Year Banquet was Saturday, June 11, 2011.


  • OSU Counselor Education Reception at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference was Thursday, November 4, in the Lilac Room of the Hilton at Easton. All students, alumni, and friends were cordially invited (see the “Kudos” section below for the Susan Sears Alumni Award winner!)OSU Counselor Education students, alumni, and faculty were, once-again, well represented at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference, which was held November 3-5, 2010 at Easton in Columbus. Click here for a list of OSU Counselor Education presenters at the conference.
  • OSU Counselor Education hosted a table at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference Doctoral Showcase. Individuals interested in the PhD program had a chance to meet current doctoral students and faculty and learn about the program.
  • Second Year Clinical Counseling Studentshad their poster session highlighted at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference on Thursday, November 4 from 6:15-7:15 in the grand ballroom. Their presentations were:
    • Internet Delivered Group Counseling:  The wave of the future?
      by Nimo Singh, Kristen Koly, Samra Bojanowski, Abby Kidd, Stacy Ballam, and Bowen Marshall.
    • Collaboration Education:  Helping Clinical Counselors Navigate the K-12 System
      by Amy Eagle, Tara Cavo, Todd Gibbs, Jenny Riehle, Diego Lopez, Simon Woliver, and Danielle Weatherholtz.
  • 20 (out of 23) First Year M.A. students were volunteers for the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference. Well done! Volunteers are: Laura Brooker, Elizabeth Cannon, Sheng-Hsin Cheng, Adam Clevenger, Maggie Connor, Stephen Davis, Steph Flood, Chieh Hsu, Ursula Lau, Ryan McClellan, Sarah Mutchnick, Laine O’Donnell, Nora O’Donnell, Liz Pence, Jackie Pollok, Kyle Sprouse, Angela Stark, Emily Vargas, Kathryn Walker, & Jordan Wilson
  • bd Mongolian Grill Fundraiser. On Sunday, November 14, Chi Sigma Iota will held a fundraiser at bd Mongolian Grill at 295 Marconi Blvd. For $20, guests received dinner, drink, & dessert (tax & tip included) and watched CSI officers taking turns at the grill.  
  • Autumn Picnic for all incoming and current students and their significant others was held October 3rd from 2-5pm.  In spite of a FREEZING COLD day, everyone had fun, crowded into the garage, played in the gameroom, met new friends, and ate wonderful potluck food!


  • The 2010 Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention was held Sunday, October 10. For the 4th year in a row, the OSU Counselor Education program had a team. This year, we had 31 members of the team and raised $1200. Overall, the Columbus walk raised more than $50,000!
    Thank you to team captain Diego Denegri Lopez-Calleja!
    Donations are still being accepted.  Make a donation here! 


Second year students Bowen Marshall, Todd Gibbs, and Tara Cavo met with Ben Yeh, a colleague visiting the U.S. from the graduate program in counseling at National University of Taiwan, in August.


Dr. Peter Zafirides, a psychiatrist in Columbus, presented to the psychopathology class on the role of medications in the treatment of mental illness (October 19). The week prior to this, the class was held in the anatomy lab, where students interacted with human brains and studied brain anatomy (how cool!)

Other Important Information:

Chi Sigma Iota Officers for the 2010-2011 Academic Year:
President: Diego Denegri Lopez-Calleja
VIce President: Danielle Weatherholtz
Treasurer: Stacy Ballam
Secretary: Lauren Schell
Community Service/Social Chair: Kierstin Montano
Link to OSU Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota