Highlights from 2011-2012


The OSU Counselor Education Program is deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Susan Jones Sears, Professor Emeritus.  Dr. Sears was an inspiration to the entire counseling profession and a leader in both clinical mental health and school counseling.
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2011 Orientation Pictures

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2012 Graduation Pictures


  • The OSU Counselor Education Program once again has the highest possible passing rate on the Professional Counselor Licensure Exam! For 2011:
    The national pass rate for the National Counseling Exam or NCE – (for licensure as an LPC, or Licensed Professional Counselor) is 78%
    The Ohio State University pass rate (on the first try!) for the National Counseling Exam is 100%
  • The national pass rate for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam or NCMHCE – (the exam professional counselors take after two years in practice to become an LPCC, or independent practitioner) is 68%
    The Ohio State University pass rate (on the first try!) for the NCMHCE is 100%

 Congratulations and “Kudos” to…

The Graduating M.A. Class of 2012!

OSU Presenters at the Spring OACES Conference (L-R) Dr. Dollarhide, Todd Gibbs, Adam Clevenger, Amber Baughman, Danielle Weatherholtz, Dr. P. Granello, Bowen Marshall, Dr. D. Haag Granello, & Alexis Rae


Bowen Marshall (Doctoral Student) has received the 2012 Ohio Union and Office of Student Life Diversity Engagement Award, one of the Ohio State Leadership Awards. Bowen developed the Open Doors Training Program that has become a model of diversity inclusion for the entire university and is now a requirement for all senior staff at OSU.

Jacob Klein and Mike Lewis (Doctoral students) who, together with Dr. Michelle Hunnicutt-Hollenbaugh (Ph.D., ’11) presented at the American Counseling Association International Conference (March 2012) on the treatment of adolescents with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Their presentation was extremely well-received, with nearly 200 people in attendance.

Maggie Connor (2nd year School Counseling) received a grant from the Worthington Education Foundation (WEF) for $1,000.  The event that will be funded is called Worthington Elementary School Visit from Author Julia Cook.  Julia is an award winning author of books for children about a variety of childhood issues, such as bullying, making friends, and anger management.

Todd Gibbs (Doctoral Student) who was awarded the OSU Ray Travel Grant for $750 to present two sessions at the ASERVIC Conference on Spirituality in Counseling with Dr. Paul Granello in Santa Fe, NM from June 3-5, 2012.  The presentations are titled “Wellness & Spirituality” and “Addressing Religious and Spiritual Values with Survivors of Suicide.”

Dennis Sears and Dr. Tom Davis, along with OSU faculty members Drs. Darcy Haag Granello, Paul Granello, & Colette Dollarhide



Dr. Susan Sears (Professor, Emeritus) received the Ohio Counseling Association’s first ever Lifetime Achievement Award at the All Ohio Counselors Conference on Thursday, November 3, 2011. Her husband, Dennis, was on hand to receive the award on Susan’s behalf, and Dr. Tom Davis read a statement from Dr. Sears. The Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board read a special proclamation declaring Dr. Sears “A Board Member in Perpetuity.”

Ms. Susan Boggs (M.A. ’02)
2011 recipient of the Susan Sears Distinguished Alumni Award




  • Congratulations to the OSU Counselor Education Out of the Darkness Walk Team for Suicide Prevention. This was a record-setting year for the Counselor Education team. We had 49 team members and raised more than $3800!! Donations are still being accepted. Click here to go to the team page, where you can donate to this important cause.

Click here for a slideshow of pictures from the walk


 Congratulations to the following School Counseling Internship students who received grants from the Ann Sherry Foundation to support their work in schools:

    • Stephanie Flood for a program entitled “Personal Wellness: How Mental and Physical Health Connect” at South High School, to include such topics as anxiety, stress, depression, and personal wellness.
    • Sarah Geiger for “Challenge Day at AIMS (Arts Impact Middle School)”, an interactive assembly that kicks off a year-long program to address issues including bullying, stereotypes, intolerance, violence, hopelessness, and hidden pressures to live up to the expectations of others
    • Elizabeth Adams for a program entitled “Confident Collegians” at Linden McKinley STEM Academy, to help prepare students and parents for the college application process, including financial aid and utilizing resources and services to help them succeed.
    • Sarah Thompson for a program entitled “Cyber Smarts: Cyberbullying and Sexting Classroom Guidance and Prevention” for 9th grade students at Metro
  • Congratulations to Dr. Darcy Haag Granello whose work on suicide postvention in schools was featured in an October 18 story in the Chicago Tribune. Click here to go to the story.
  • Congratulations, Susie Boggs (M.A. ’02) is the 2011 winner of the OSU Susan Sears Outstanding Alumni Award. This year marks the 8th year the award has been given out to one of our outstanding alumni. This is the highest award offered by the OSU Counselor Education Program. Congratulations, Susie!
  • OSU Counselor Education is once again well represented at the All Ohio Counselor Conference. Congratulations to all our presenters, and thank you for your wonderful contribution to continuing the education of professional counselors in school and clinical settings. Click here for a listing of OSU Student, Alumni, and Faculty Presenters at AOCC
  • Congratulations to Dr. Paul Granello and Matt Fleming (M.A. ’07) for their chapter in the recently released book, Understanding and preventing college student suicide. (2012, Charles Thomas publisher).
  • Congratulations to Dr. Colette Dollarhide and Dr. Darcy Haag Granello for their chapter entitled “Humanistic perspectives on counselor education and supervision” in the recently released book, “Humanistic perspectives on contemporary counseling issues.” (2012, Routledge).


  • Congratulations to Dr. Paul Granello, on the publication of his book, “Wellness Counseling” (Pearson, 2012) – and check out the cover photograph – an award-winning picture taken by Dr. Granello on his travels.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Colette Dollarhide,who had her article selected by the Award Committee for the 2011 Outstanding Counselor Education and Supervision Article Award.  Dr. Dollarhide and her co-author will be honored at the ACES luncheon on Saturday, October 29th at noon.
    Gibson, D. M., Dollarhide, C. T., & Moss, J. (2010).  Professional identity development: A grounded theory of transformational tasks of new counselors.  Counselor Education and Supervision, 50, 21-38. 

Other Important Information:

Chi Sigma Iota Officers for the 2011-2012 Academic Year:
President: Nora O’Donnell
Vice President: Adam Clevenger
Social Chair: Katie Walker
Treasurer: Angela Stark
Secretary: Laura Brooker