H. Meet the Faculty

OSU Counselor Education
Program Faculty


All OSU Counselor Education Program Faculty (2018) FRONT (L-R): Drs. Julie Nelson Slagle, Darcy Haag Granello, Ana Berrios-Allison, & Colette Dollarhide BACK (L-R): Jennifer Haywood, Drs. Brett Zyromski, Felice Kassoy, Paul Granello, & Rochelle Dunn


L-R Professors Dollarhide, Dunn, Zyromski, Granello, & Haag Granello

Program Faculty

 Dr. Ana Berrios-Allison
Adjunct Instructor
Associate Director of OSU Career Counseling & Support Services
Dr. Berrios-Allison’s website
Interests: Career Counseling, Counseling international students

Dr. Colette Dollarhide
Coordinator: School Counseling M.A. Program
Dr. Colette Dollarhide’s website
Interests: Professional identity; transforming school counseling; supervision

Dr. Rochelle Dunn
Visiting Instructor
Interests: Group counseling; clinical counseling in the schools

Dr. Darcy Haag Granello
Dr. D. H. Granello’s website
Interests:  Suicide prevention, assessment, & intervention; College suicide prevention;
Cognitive development of counselors; Stigma reduction

Dr. Paul Granello
Associate Professor
Coordinator: Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. Program
Dr. P. Granello’s website
Interests: Wellness & prevention; Suicide prevention, assessment, and intervention; Outcome research

Dr. Brett Zyromski
Assistant Professor
Dr. Zyromski’s website

Interests: Evidence-Based, Data-Driven School Counseling Programs

Other Program Instructors

Dr. Felice Kassoy
Instructor, School Counseling

Dr. Julie Nelson-Slagle
Instructor, School Counseling

Jennifer Haywood
Instructor, Addictions Counseling

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